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How we've evolved

The OKR Group was born out of boutique management consulting firm, Step Advisory. Step Advisory supports executive management in crafting growth strategies to allocate scarce resources, driving long-term sustainable value creation. We’ve built trusted relationships with CEOs of companies large and small on their growth journeys. Our team has been driving the formulation and implementation of strategy for more than 10 years. In the process, we’ve assisted clients in a range of industries with organic growth and acquisitive growth initiatives. More specifically, through our implementation and execution offering, we specialise in goal management and project management services.

Where we are now

Our background as strategy advisers provides a unique lens to assist in the successful implementation of that strategy. The magic happens when purposeful teams operate within mindful processes, working together towards a common pursuit. There are frameworks that help with this – Objectives and Key Results is one of those frameworks. We are OKR enthusiasts but also realise that it’s not the silver bullet. We help teams work together more effectively in pursuit of their most ambitious goals, whatever it takes. We coach, we teach, we jump in and get our hands dirty. Ultimately, we help teams to fry the big fish, to focus on winning the battles that will win the war.

Meet our OKR coaches

The OKR Group is a founding member of OKRs Coach Network, bringing coaches from around the world together to connect and exchange best practices. Our coaches

Paul Barker

Head Coach | South Africa

Paul is passionate about seeing teams work together better – operating more effectively to realise their dreams. He’s developed a proficiency in executing and implementing strategy through working with leadership teams in a broad range of industries. Since joining Step Advisory in 2013, he’s led and facilitated various executive teams through the process of adopting strategy implementation frameworks.

During multi-year business development projects, Paul has helped clients launch products and businesses more than once – from the initial conceptualisation with the visionary to cementing to dream with the leadership team and eventual launch to the market. By profession, Paul is a fellow of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries and holds risk management and financial management qualifications. He is a founding member of the OKRs Coach Network with Ben Lamorte, driving the adoption and usage of OKRs globally.

Nicky Nel

Coach | South Africa

Nicky is a strategy execution advisor that works closely with clients of various sizes and across a broad range of industries. Her training and experience in finance as a CA(SA), as well as over five years of experience in business strategy and strategic projects as a management consultant, has given her two essential lenses required to understand the importance of strategy execution and ask the right questions to create clarity in what needs to be done.

She is passionate about setting clear goals with teams, enabling the right conversations and getting them closer to the desired results through a few key ongoing disciplines. While she greatly admires the ‘ideas’ people in the world, she knows that the ideas are only worth something if they are executed, tested and adapted. From articulating and communicating strategy to implementing the OKR methodology (as well as other goal management methodologies), driving weekly conversations and commitments, she’s ready to walk the long-term journey with the team to put you on a new trajectory for the future.

Megan Bybee

Associate Coach | South Africa

Megan has a passion for helping teams translate their strategy into shorter-term goals – ultimately driving business impact that will take their business to new heights.
With a background in International Relations, Megan was introduced to the value of implementation from a public policy perspective, realising just how challenging it is for transformative policies to come into effect. Since then, Megan has helped multiple CEOs and business leaders formulate their strategies. Her experience has enabled her to help teams uncover their “why” – with the right “why”, they are empowered to achieve their desired outcomes and drive tangible value for their business.

Lisa Bulterman

Associate Coach | South Africa

Lisa is a strategy execution advisor who has recently discovered her passion (and organisations’ need) to close the gap between strategy articulation and goal implementation.
Through exposure to a range of organisational challenges and needs, she’s gained practical experience in formulating strategy and turning strategy into practically implementable goals. This exposure has allowed her to combine the two areas, and subsequently help companies articulate and achieve their long-term ambitions and short-term goals.

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The team – with the processes, clarity of thinking, capacity and energy they brought – enabled us to do things that would have been unimaginable on our own.

Rudi BothaBetterLife Group

You’ve helped us consider our portfolio of international businesses and distill it into a set of priorities, with clear accountability, setting us up to the deal of a lifetime.

Junior John NgulubeSanlam Pan Africa

The team assisted in getting us to a much better place, much faster – in the process, we've crystalised our thoughts and got them into an actionable plan for implementation.

David SmollanSmollan Group