Steve Jobs said:

“Ideas are worth nothing unless executed. They are just a multiplier. Execution is worth millions.”


This is precisely what the Betterlife Group required upon identifying an opportunity to create a complementary business offering. To realise this opportunity, they required firstly a business plan and then a high-performing implementation team. Through a detailed product, customer and market analysis, we created a comprehensive business case with clear priorities to ensure a successful launch of the minimum viable product. This provided the foundation for a focused implementation plan. The implementation was driven over two years by our team of execution experts, enabling the prompt launch of an app with all the operations to back it up. By providing execution capacity, we were able to help Betterlife create momentum and focus on their journey from ideation to successful business launch.

“The team, with the processes, clarity of thinking, capacity and energy they brought, enabled us to do things that would have been unimaginable on our own.”




2014 – 2016


Two years



The Betterlife Group identified an opportunity for a home services company to complement their current businesses and required assistance analysing the concept into a clear and concise business plan.

Following the development of the business case, the Group required support to design, assemble and implement the concept through a focused execution plan and regular engagements.

Our team identified customer needs to inform the product offering, which formed the basis of the business case. We then facilitated the prioritisation of the products through performing a detailed market analysis for each product, developing the value proposition for the customers and service providers and analysing the financial feasibility of the opportunity, drawing it all together to create a comprehensive business case.

Following the completion of the business plan, we created a go-to-market strategy and implementation plan that involved focused goal management to, amongst others, design and activate a target operating model, analysing the current capabilities within the Group and recruiting and on boarding staff where gaps existed.

We drove the execution of this plan through weekly engagements over a 2-year period, project managing the launch of the business from start-up phase through to the first clients.

Our refinement of the initial concept into a viable, validated business case allowed the Betterlife Board to make an informed decision on the opportunity.

Our project management methodology ensured a continuous feedback loop was created to incorporate feedback from real customer cases into the business from an early stage; the subsequent active involvement in every aspect of the business (from drafting legal documents to designing marketing and sales strategies) allowed for the business to launch with momentum from day one.