Strategy does not exist in a vacuum – it is informed by our purpose and is ultimately required to achieve our ambition. Innvervation Pan African Payments lacked alignment without short-term goals to achieve their ambition. Through an immersive OKR training session, our team was able to instill a common language for the team, helping to create alignment through clarity.

By creating the space through facilitated sessions, our team drew links between Innversation’s vision and strategy and the prioritised strategic objectives. Facilitating this broader conversation on strategy created clarity and alignment for the team – ultimately unlocking the momentum needed to drive their strategy forward.

“OKRs should bring about a change in mindset, not simply implement a tool. It’s a mindset of continuous progress and a focus on the most important strategic elements in the business. Don’t rush it – it’s a 5-day game, have patience and enjoy the journey.”






Seven months


Financial Services

The management team of Innervation Pan Africa Payments identified the need to align the organisation behind a single set of goals to execute on their strategy. This alignment, together with creating a common language within the organisation, increasing visibility and understanding of goals, and implementing a rhythm of regular check-ins would increase the speed of execution within the team.

Our chosen methodology for goal management is Objectives and Key Results – or OKRs. With OKRs, teams set up ambitious goals (i.e. Objectives), with a set of linked Key Results to describe the measurable impact on the business. We conducted training sessions to increase understanding of the methodology. This alignment on language reduces confusion and increases the speed of execution. We then had ongoing coaching sessions with individual OKR owners to critically think through their Objectives and the resultant initiatives. Lastly, we facilitated group sessions where conversations were surfaced around why certain objectives were being pursued, clarifying the link to the strategy and the vision statement.

At the end of this short journey, there was agreement on a regular meeting rhythm to address the tactical concerns, but more importantly to ensure continuous strategic progress. We assisted the business to execute on their goals: implementing frameworks, facilitating discussion and mobilising the team to ultimately progress them towards their vision.

The facilitated discussions created the alignment that was required, as well as creating clarity around how to implement the methodology and how to break large ambitious dreams into executable initiatives.