too many priorities, too little traction?

Teams waste a lot of time, energy and money on initiatives that never see the light of day. To avoid this, you need to prioritise clearly and create ruthless focus on those priorities.

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It's in our human nature to achieve. And to achieve more, we often feel like we need to do more. Companies fall into the same trap. They take on too many strategic initiatives and attempt to execute on them all.

One day, you wake up and your small team is working on 70 strategic initiatives. For some teams, these numbers will go well into the hundreds. Why is this bad?

  1. It consumes capacity
  2. It increases confusion
  3. It decreases trust
  4. It costs opportunities
  5. And nothing gets launched.

Any chance you’ve felt the same? Too many priorities, too little traction?

The solution:

Ruthless prioritisation. And the discipline to keep the focus.

Prioritisation is one of the most important competencies that a business leader needs to acquire. It's about knowing where to allocate their capacity, the capacity of those they lead and their organisation's resources. They have to decide what to do, but more importantly, what not to do. Which balls do we keep in the air, and which can be dropped. Saying no to certain things takes courage.

Focus is a choice. It's a conscious decision to put time, skills and resources to the few things that matter. And it needs to be done again and again and again.

How we help:

We work with ambitious leaders and their teams to get to their top priorities

Whether it's for the company or department - and then ensure alignment around them. Focus and alignment is not once-off, and so we implement ways to ensure continuous alignment and focus within the team.

This requires a prioritisation process developed for your company, and time with your team to have the debates required to make the right decisions for the organisation.

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how we've helped our clients prioritise:

“We knew we needed to buckle down and focus, but we did not have the framework and communication methods to agree and align on the most important opportunities. The OKR process facilitated by Step provided the clarity, direction, and accountability that was required.”

– Chris Ball, Finch Technologies

“Successful business have a disproportionate focus on the elements that will move the dial. Having an OKR practitioner on board provides an unemotional lens to create this focus, to bring clarity, and to enhance the narrative, the “why” behind the decisions that are being made.”

-Stanton Pillay, IT Master

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