Set foundations to enable effective execution in your teams.

Who’s it for?

Teams who are new to OKRs as a framework and want to get started quickly. Teams that need a helping hand with a fresh commitment to the methodology.

What do you get?

You will come out with common OKR understanding and language, your first set of 3-5 OKRs with allocated accountability and an agreement on the plan to maintain ongoing discipline.

Group training on the principles of successful execution and the basics of the OKR methodology, both theoretical and practical, as well as a Q&A session with an experienced OKR coach.

A combination of team workshops and 1-on-1s facilitated by an experienced OKR coach to set the parameters of deploying the methodology, draft the first set of 3-5 team objectives with 3-5 key results each, advise on appropriate OKR software tools to use and facilitate decisions on the cadence of meetings to follow, with relevant agendas, timeslots, etc.

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