Struggling to get your most important strategic initiatives over the line?

Companies and leaders are inundated with ideas and initiatives. One day, we wake up and realise we’re working on hundreds of strategic initiatives and launching none. Inevitably, business-as-usual gets prioritised, and strategic projects get left behind.

There’s a gap between the expectations in organisations and what they actually achieve. To close this gap, teams need to convert long-term strategy into shorter-term deliverables and prioritise ruthlessly.

We work with leaders of scaling organisations to create clarity and focus to get their most impactful strategic initiatives over the line.



To stop wasting time, energy and money on initiatives that never see the light of day, create ruthless focus on the top priorities in your organisation, department and team.


To get big initiatives over the line, teams need to be rowing in the same direction. Create alignment both vertically (from the strategy down to daily actions) and horizontally (across different teams).


To ensure an engaged and accountable team, remove ambiguity and subjectivity. Time spent on creating clarity of expectations is an accelerator of success; the time lost from lack of it can never be recovered.


To increase the speed of delivery, create trust. More communication leads to more trust, and teams operating on a foundation of trust don’t question intentions; they speak the same language and get it done.

How we help


We understand the process and principles that need to be entrenched to enable successful execution. Our diagnostic process will highlight which principles - or combination of them - will lead to the results you want.

We entrench these principles by working with your team, using goal management methodologies like OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) to get traction on your most important strategic initiatives.

In the process, we create long-term and sustainable change. Whether you decide to use a methodology or not, we will work with you and your team to translate strategy into action.

the result?

1. Better business results, faster


2. An engaged, high-performing team


3. An agile approach to strategy

If you want to know more, get in touch.

We'll take you through our diagnostic process to get you started on your strategy execution journey.

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Want to do less and achieve more?


Why are we the right partners for you?

Born from a strategy-focused firm, we understand the different elements that make up a good strategy. This, coupled with an outsider’s objectivity and unbiased lens, means we can ask the hard critical thinking questions and guide wise strategic decisions.

Our proven experience in execution and implementation and engagements (with different-sized clients from various industries) means that we can predict the obstacles to successful execution and solve them in advance. This will enable a more streamlined, enjoyable process than if you were to try it on your own.

Because we’re not busy with the day-to-day operations, we can bring the discipline when you’re unable to and the energy when it’s lacking in the team. When the right habits become entrenched in how you operate as a team, you will start seeing results.

Why should a team go through this process together?

Big strategic initiatives seldom get launched by one individual. Instead, it requires a team or a number of teams working together effectively to get the most impactful strategic initiatives over the line.

This is why it’s helpful for the team to go to the process together. They will adopt the same language at the same time, and shift their way of working simultaneously. This will result in an increased rate of change, an increased rate of execution, and ultimately faster results.

Why it requires more than just reading a book or doing a training course?

Reading a book or doing a training course generally teaches you about a new tool, or maybe even a few new skills. Tools and skills are great for short term fixes, but not for long-term solutions. To see sustainable change, individuals need more than just tools and skills – they need a new mindset. These mindset shifts only happens over time and with discipline; it also takes time to entrench the right habits in a team. We walk a road with teams to move mindsets, and once a mindset has moved, the tool they use matters less – almost any tool would work.

Can we help with implementing OKRs?

We love helping teams implement OKRs! OKRs is our preferred methodology to help drive strategy execution with organisations as it entrenches what we believe are the most important principles required for successful implementation.

Our team members have worked with the methodology for a number of years, helping teams of different sizes and from different industries implement OKRs and achieve the alignment, focus and clarity that they are after. We have team members that were founders of the OKR Coaching Network, and we all continually stay abreast of best practice and changes in the application of the methodology.

How much will it cost?

The cost depends on the size of investment that you’re willing to make to improve the strategy execution efforts within in your organisation. We design a solution for you, where our involvement can be scaled up or down to meet your needs and to make the investment worth it. But you need to decide the degree of improvement you’re looking for.

The team showed great insight into our business. The approach and tools utilised were very good and kept the team involved and responsive. Sessions were handled professionally and ultimately allowed for a clear, precise and executable strategy that keeps the executive team accountable for delivery

Carl De VilliersTransaction Capital

The team assisted in getting us to a much better place, much faster – in the process, we’ve crystalised our thoughts and got them into an actionable plan for implementation.

David SmollanSmollan Group

Through following this process and the elements introduced through OKRs, we were able to find a rhythm where our meetings became cleaner, responsibilities became clearer and it's become easier to manage the priorities in the business.

Will ThorpStandard Bank ICS

Successful business have a disproportionate focus on the elements that will move the dial. Having an OKR practitioner on board provides an unemotional lens to create this focus, to bring clarity, and to enhance the narrative, the “why” behind the decisions that are being made.

Stanton PillayIT Master

The team gets down to the essence of strategy, and provides an immense amount of clarity on our focus areas. This leads to alignment in our team, helping us to look left and right without taking our eye off the ball.

Mark HassenkampThe LiveKindly Company

The team – with the processes, clarity of thinking, capacity and energy they brought – enabled us to do things that would have been unimaginable on our own.

Rudi BothaBetterLife Group


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