Insights are often unveiled in casual conversations we have with clients, colleagues or friends – a point in time where both parties realise this is important stuff, and most people are struggling with it. These insights don’t wait for formal engagements – they happen over coffees and on couches. Our ‘couch coffees’ is a continuing series of posts where we’ll publish some of these insights – simple, short and sharp. They might be second nature to some; for others, they might be closer to epiphanies. For most, we hope they’re simply nudges in the right direction.

Earlier this week at our team meeting, we realised that we were on a two-year streak.

Same meeting. Same day. Same time. Same agenda. For two whole years.

Naturally, we started reflecting on the time spent in these meetings and the benefit thereof. How have they helped? Are we just having them for the sake of having them? Are they meeting the intended purpose? Are we wasting our time?

The answer was a resounding ‘yes’, there are countless benefits. And ‘no’, we were not just having them for the sake of having them.

The benefits of recurring meetings

Recurring meetings are set up for many different purposes. Some may be required for a defined period, and some may be ongoing. However, many benefits come with having a regular meeting in place.

Here are some of the major benefits:

  • A space to have important conversations
    Certain discussions often require all team members to be in the same mindset. Knowing that you have this time every week to engage with your team on these issues means that the issue gets addressed timeously, but also that your whole team is ready to discuss these types of issues when they start the meeting.
  • Continuous alignment and focus
    Checking in with your team and discussing the most important elements of your business every week means that you can realign regularly and ensure you’re staying focused on the right things. The benefit of this alignment and focus is often not acknowledged as you take it for granted if you’re meeting regularly; however, you would certainly feel it if you weren’t.
  • More connectedness
    The discipline of getting your team together regularly allows you to check in on fellow team members, stay aware of team health and stay connected as a team. Again, the benefits may not be obvious but the consequences could be significant if this wasn’t happening.
  • Increased communication
    Communication is a key lever to building trust in a team. And communication needs to be intentional. Recurring meetings help create a space and reminder to communicate key developments, ultimately increasing the ability of the team to work together effectively.
  • Ongoing traction
    Regular check-ins on progress and actions also helps with driving accountability in teams. You’re able to monitor progress and remove obstacles as and when they arise. The speed of execution in the team increases as a result.

Make it a habit

Making your recurring meeting a habit means that you start every week knowing that it’s going to take place, when it’s going to take place, what you’re going to cover, and what is expected of you.

We set them up every week on the same day, at the same time, for the same length, and with the same broad agenda. This helps make it a habit; it makes it easy. And often results in great attendance levels too. This also means less energy in planning the meeting, and more energy spent on actually grappling with the most important issues.

Having said all of this, make sure you do reflect on the benefits of your recurring meetings regularly. You don’t want to have them for the sake of having them if they are no longer required.

However, if they are necessary, try to use the power of discipline and reap the rewards of a recurring meeting.

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